Saturday, October 13, 2012

Since passing the California Bar exam in December 2011, I expected my life to go in a new direction, and it has.  The direction has been unexpected. On one hand, I have been doing substantive contract work for a solo practitioner in addition to other less substantive contract work.  This has parlayed into my being accepted into a pro bono program to help low income households with legal matters, and into an opportunity to be a judge for a law school competition.  And, I am developing a solo practice to be launched by end of 2012.  Slowly, brick by brick, I am resurrecting my life, developing new friends, and expanding my network of contacts. 

At the same time, I have learned painful lessons in my selection of friends.  Friendship must be built on truth and not on fabrication.  Still somewhat naive about people, I have learned that my innate trust of people is my biggest weakness and, as an attorney, my biggest short-fall.  It is the mind that must rule when one is a lawyer, and not the heart.  This should be obvious, but I am the same person that I was before I was licensed.  Now, I must build a shield around my "self" for there are those who attempt to manipulate lawyers for their own self-gain.  This, in itself, has been a painful lesson, and I have learned it well.

Moving on, I shall be the much wiser, and, I suspect that my shield will become more substantial.

Now, as it relates to the California Bar exam, it seems distant.  Yet, my book shelves are lined with the essays that I issue-spotted and wrote, and I still have my favorite bar books at the ready.  Having tutored a friend toward passing on her 5th attempt at the bar exam (Feb. 2012), I was proud to be at her swearing in. A notary, I'll be swearing in another friend; he passed the July 2012 bar exam on his first attempt and his moral character application has just been approved.  It will be an ecstatic moment for him and a honor for me to read him the oath to uphold the tenants of the law.

If my readers of this blog want an updated essay subject chart detailing the subjects tested for 10+ years, please send me an email and I will reply.

And, if my readers want direction in essay skills, I can be consulted for private tutoring.

Finally, the July 2012 California bar exam questions were posted over a month ago.  Check out the state bar web site to download a copy.  Exam results will be out next month.  To those exam takers, I wish you passing scores.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Johnny Carson, Turbans, and Crystal Balls

Yes, soothsayers have guesstimated that Civil Procedure, Criminal Law/Procedure, Professional Responsibility, Torts, Contracts/Remedies and Community Property/Wills & Trusts may be tested on the July 2012 bar exam, but then, who really knows?  Peruse the following blog for additional insights...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Learning the Law From Real Life - Talk about Irresistible Impulse!

An old case that made headline news and in which the Defendant, Lorena Bobbit, was found not guilty by reason of insanity.  A little primer for Criminal Law/Procedure.  Homicide and insanity hasn't been tested for a while.  Perhaps the July 2012 bar is ripe for such a hypo? Who knows. . .but be prepared for anything and have fun re-learning the law with a little "real life" thrown in for good measure!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Learning through Real Life Examples

One of the remedies that can be employed to a legal matter is the equitable remedy of an injunction.  A great example of this is the battle between Apple and Samsung.  Apple was just granted a preliminary injunction against Samsung to "temporarily" prevent the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone until the trial on the permanent injunction.  Apple's argument related to patent infringement.  You can secure the opinion directly through the court's website to learn more about how the judge weighed the elements required for an injunction and required Apple to post an over $95 Million dollar bond!  See opinion.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

President Obama and Executive Privilege

I like to learn the law through real life examples of its application.  Remember when an Executive Order was bar tested?  Hint: July 2008 - Q2.

Constitutional Law - Doctrine of the Separation of Powers

Saturday, June 16, 2012

California Bar Posts the Feb. 2012 Essay Answers!

First, the good news!  The model answers to the Feb. 2012 essays and the PT's are posted on the State Bar web site.

However, the State Bar is currently changing its essay and PT exam links.  In the past, about ten years of past exams and model answers were available without cost to bar exam candidates.  Currently, exams going back to 2007 only are listed and there is a disclaimer on the Future Lawyer web site that states that they are changing their links.

If you need a set of essays and model answers for a specific year, the JD Web Site is a great on-line bank of California bar exam essays going back to the 1980's.